Selecting a Water Bottle

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Plastic #1: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) PET is generally considered safe for water storage.  but it can actually leach the toxic metal antimony, which is used during its manufacture. It also found that the longer a bottle of water sits on a shelf — in a grocery store or your refrigerator — the greater the dose […]

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Feel Fuller Longer

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Staying hydrated and drinking a glass of water prior to a meal can reduce what you eat. I have gotten into the habit of asking for a glass of water first thing at a restaurant and sip as I look over the menu and place an order. By the time the plate arrives, I am […]

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Alkaline Water Now Available

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The filters are finally in and after some calibration the faucet is ready to go! If you want to make a healthy change this new year, try Alkaline water.  Mention you read about Alkaline Water on our website and get a free gallon refill. Come on in for a taste of the good stuff. What is […]

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Water Bottle Care

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Water Bottle Care What is just as important to your health as pure drinking water?  Keeping your water bottles clean and sanitized.  Follow the steps below to maintain your bottle as clean as the water you store in it. Storing Store un-capped bottles out of direct sunlight. Cleaning Wash the inside of your water bottle […]

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What is fluoride? Fluoride is ubiquitous in the environment in water, rocks, plants and animals in small amounts. It deposits in bone and in teeth as the fluorapatite mineral Ca5(PO4)3F — a very hard crystalline compound. Many types of toothpaste are fluoridated. What are current issues regarding fluoride? Beginning in 1941, tooth decay studies in […]

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