Purified Water & Alkaline Water

Bring in your empty water bottles and refill here to taste the difference our purification system makes.

At only 40 cents a gallon for purified drinking water you will save a lot of money over bottled and delivery water, plus no minimums to worry about. You pay for what you need – when you need it.

Alkaline water, at $1 a gallon,  is a great value.  Come on in and try a free sample.

Taste you can trust

Since 2004, we have been purifying your drinking water on-site by Reverse Osmosis.  We’ve since added Alkaline Water.  Our naturally filtered Alkaline water has an average PH o f 9.5. Learn about Alkaline water.

You can trust the purity in our water, as we maintain the system on a daily basis. The drinking water is routinely sampled and quality checked by an independent laboratory.

Fill up at the self-serve refill station

Refill Station

Quickly refill your water bottles at our refill station. Included with your refill is a complimentary bottle rinse.

Once full, use our wheeled carts to help you move the water bottles to your car, no heavy carrying involved.

If you need help loading the water bottles into your car, we would be glad to help – so just ask.

When you stop by, remember to ask for your Water Club Card. Every five gallons purchased earns you a stamp, fill up the club card and trade for five gallons of water free!

Fill up at the 24 hr vending machines

Our water vending machines are a convenient way to refill at any time. It is the same purified water that is vended inside.

Water Vending MachineWith an easy drive up to the machines, it’s not far to your car. At night the area is well lit for your vending convenience.

The machines can accommodation most standard water bottles and can fill two bottles at a time.

You don’t need exact change at the machines.

Machine accepts: 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1 Coins, $1 & $5 Bills

Fill up at our RV/drum refill station

You can enjoy the taste of purified drinking water while on the road.

We have metered drinking water hoses, that can extend out to the parking lot for your RVs and water drums.

Our drinking water hoses are designed specifically to be used for drinking water and will not add any strange odor or taste to your water.

The water hoses are available during store hours.  Give us a call if you would like to set up an appointment to fill up during off hours or holidays.

RV Water Tanks

RV Refill

With our drinking water hose, you can fill up your RV water tank and be back on the road in no time.

Before filling your RV tank with purified drinking water, you should sanitize your RV’s fresh water system especially if it has been in storage or not been used in a while.

Read more about cleaning the tanks at ‘Everything About RV-ing’ or ‘RV Basics’.

Water Drums & Tanks 

Drum RefillsWhen filling up drums and tanks, there is no need to remove them from your vehicle.  Set them where you need them, and fill up with our water hose.

We highly recommend giving the drums and tanks a good rinse at home before filling up at the station. When they sit for a while in the garage or backyard they can accumulate dust and debris inside.

Bottles, Drums, Crocks and Dispensers

We carry a variety of water bottles to fit your needs. We carry plastic, BPA-free, and glass water bottles..  Water bottle sizes range from 1/2 gallon to 7 gallons. We carry 55 gallon water drums, camping jugs and collapsible containers.  You can also find porcelain crocks, crock stands, bottle stands, pumps and accessories in our store.

Free Fill

When you buy your water bottle here, you can enjoy that first fill of drinking water on us.  Drum rentals also include a fill of drinking water.  We are sure you will enjoy that clean crisp refreshing taste.

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